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Imagine having access to self-guided tours and a companion encyclopedia that not only gives you the facts and routes but also helps you choose where to go. The PhilGuides Southern Africa online encyclopedia is created and developed for the traveller and tourist guide alike. It has all the information you want, and the options to guide you to your next point of interest – all at your fingertips! On our paid memberships there are no distracting adverts, so you can relax and enjoy planning or being on your trip. The online encyclopedia starts with South Africa, and will continuously grow to encompass all of Southern Africa. On and off the beaten track, our team of researchers and guides will give you the best and most up-to-date information available.

Travel Tips

Free tips that make your travelling in Southern Africa easier. Tips on handling paperwork, renting a car, and health tips like handling malaria. We also have ​general information on things to do. All the essential tips or how to ask for information can be obtained by going to our “Travel Tips” sections (Preparing for South Africa, Arriving in South Africa, Travelling within South Africa) or the PhilGuides Southern Africa blog.

Self-Guided Tours

Our professionally designed free and premium self-guided tours will help you to plan your voyage and discover South Africa without the hassles of uncertainty. We are continuously adding new self-guided tours and new places to visit. All our self-guided tours come with online turn by turn instructions, points of interests and downloadable GPS files to make your travel hassle-free.
Just go to your travel agent and book your flights, hotels, restaurants and car.

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Want to find quality and verified information about South Africa? Our growing encyclopedia will give you from overviews to specifics with beautifully designed and searchable historical timelines, in-article links to geotags to quickly find what you are looking for. Our powerful real-time search engine will also help you find the subject matter you are looking for fast and hassle-free.

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